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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I register?

Call into reception with the following details:NHS number (if known)
Name and address of previous GP
Current and/or previous address
Photographic identification

How quickly can I get an appointment?

Patients wishing to see a doctor can now ring in the morning and be seen that day. This
only applies to doctors appointments. Clinics, such as Hypertension, diabetic, well person etc, with the nurse, still use an appointment system. If you just want to speak to a doctor please ask for a telephone appointment. If you wish a telephone appointment with the nurse, this is also available.
To make an appointment, call our receptionists 01582 670050

Where do I get prescriptions from?

Repeat prescriptions can be ordered in person, through the Electronic Prescription Service, or by sending an SAE - allow yourself enough time or through online requests.

Why do I not get my repeat prescription until 2 clear days?

1. The prescription has to be signed by the GP even though it is on repeat, this is a legal requirement.
2. Drugs may not be in stock and this will allow time for a delivery to reach us.
3. All repeat medication is reviewed at least annually by your prescriber, this should give us time to highlight this.

Why do I only get a maximum of three months supply?

Repeat prescriptions are usually for three months medication at a time to ensure:
1. You don't just keep on taking a drug when it is possibly not the most suitable.
2. To minimise wastage when drugs are discontinued or changed.

What is the difference between a repeat and an acute prescription?

An acute prescription is one that is usually issued by the doctor during a consultation.
A repeat prescription is one that the doctor will allow you to order for a specified number of times before coming back to see him/her.

Do I have to pay for my prescription?

The following groups are exempt from prescription charges:
Under 16 years of age
16, 17 and 18 and in full time education
60 years or over
Current maternity exemption certificate holders
Current medical exemption certificate holders
Current prescription pre-payment certificate holders
War Pension exemption certificate holders
Named on a current HC2 charges certificate
Prescribed free-of-charge contraceptives
Gets Income Support
Income-based Jobseeker's Allowance
Named on a Working Families' Tax Credit NHS Exemption Certificate
Named on a Disabled Person's Tax Credit NHS Exemption Certificate

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