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3. General Health Advice

Warning Signs

These warning signs may tell you something is wrong and that you should contact the GP soon.
• Losing weight by seven pounds (three kilograms) or more without obvious reason
• Feeling thirsty without obvious reason
• Feeling very tired or exhausted without good reason
• Losing blood when coughing or vomiting or going to the toilet
• A change in a mole (changing colour, getting bigger or thicker, itching or bleeding)
• A change in the voice (getting husky or hoarse and continuing that way for more than three weeks)
• Indigestion or belching acid, lasting more than a month (especially in the over - 45s)
• A change in a breast or nipple.

Danger Signs

In children, these warning signs mean you should get medical advice immediately.
• Violet-coloured spots that don't fade when pressed
• Breathing difficulties - gulping, gasping, wheezing and being unable to speak or drink
• The child seems to be in pain when breathing in
• The child is weak, drowsy or confused and doesn't react to you or its surroundings
• The child is vomiting a lot and seems ill
• The child cannot sit up or bend the head forward.

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