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4. Diarrhoea and Vomiting


Diarrhoea may be caused by viral infections (gastroenteritis), or through food poisoning. This causes weakness by fluid and salt loss.

Self Help:

Dairy products should be stopped and drinks such as clear fluid, dilute squashes or apple juice should be taken. With babies, replace lost salts through oral rehydration solution (from chemists) which come in different flavours. As the condition improves grated apples or carrots, lean meat, dry bread and crackers. Remember to wash hands after going to the toilet.

Contact your GP if there is high fever, or blood in the diarrhoea, or if the baby is drowsy and is sick frequently.


When the stomach cannot tolerate the food it is digesting, it causes vomiting. This can also be due to an infection, but generally clears after 24 hours. Vomiting is common in early pregnancy.

Self Help:

Allow the stomach to settle, and then begin with sips of water, or diluted fruit juice. Progress to crackers or toast, avoiding dairy products.

Comsult your GP if it persists for more than a day.

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